Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Picador 40th Anniversary

Over the summer I was asked to design some of the covers for Picador's 40th anniversary series. The Brief was that every cover was to be designed only in solid black and white. Certain areas of the cover are printed in black ink and other areas are a glossy black foil. The process of the foil slightly de-bossing the paper and creating reflective area's creates shifts in tone and texture on the finished book.
Personally I was hoping for a classic typeface to run throughout the series to tie it all together, but this wasn't the case and I feel that some suffer from this like the cover for "Dirt Music".


Holly Exley Illustration said...

These are wonderful!

Eilidh said...

These are amazing! Is there anywhere I can buy posters of the covers?

Robert Frank Hunter said...

Thank you, im not sure about poster's I was under the impression that certain titles might have promotional ones but I dont know if any of mine made the cut.

Unknown said...

Hi Robert,
I really like your 40th cover designs (I've bought a few of them & have them queued up on my Kindle).
I've also seen some of these in a local bookstore, only then did I see the quality finish & UV varnish effects, very nice.

I was wondering if the design brief included consideration for eBook covers, as these particular styles work very well, even on a basic Kindle mono screen. Or is that just a co-incidence?

I'm thinking of writing up a short blog post on these soon, so any additional info from yourself would be appreciated.